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Promotional Products

Ideas For You

Town Planner is all about keeping you on display in the homes or local residents. However, there are many times and many ways that you want to be in front of people with various promotional items; ones that stay in the home, are portable or that are at your business.

You can stay in front of potential clients with a relatively low cost item like a pen, sticky notes or popsockets (those things that go on the back of a phone to make it easier to hold or as a stand to watch videos.) There are endless ways to do this and we'll help you navigate them.

Town Planner of Northern Illinois partners with Ideas for You to get you just about ANY promotional product you could want.

What we do is help you get good quality promotional pieces that represent you well. They look great and function as they should. Best of all, unlike an internet search purchase you have a point of contact to make sure it is indeed good quality, ordered correctly, printed to your specifications and delivered on time. Should anything go wrong at any point in the process we are there to mediate for you. 

Not sure what you may want? You can browse the Ideas For You site or contact us for a consultation. NOTE: If you want cheaply made items at the lowest possible cost that is not us; merely go online and search for that. This is truly an industry where you get what you pay for.

Here are some ideas you may find to be of interest:

  • COVID Related: Masks with your logo or message, Decals for keeping clients 6 feet apart, Personal Sanitizer

  • OFFICE Related: Sticky Notes, Pens or Stress Balls, Feather Flags

  • EXPO Related - Retractable Banners - Table top to 7ft or more, Tablecloths, & any Give-a-ways

  • HOME Related: Coffee Cozies, Tote Bags, Water Bottles, Mugs, Alligator Clips, Magnets or Ice Scrapers

  • CLOTHING - Sweatshirts, Hats, Tee Shirts & More

  • GIFT CARDS - Standard or Digital

  • SPORTS - Golf Balls, Tees, Divot Tools, Headbands,

  • BOATING - Dry Bags, Coolers, Floating Keytainer, 

There are so many more items check them out for yourself at Ideas For You or contact us and we will handle it from beginning to end to make sure you order correctly and get exactly what you hope to in return.

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