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Banner, Premium & Standard Displays - Dateblocks - Promotional Ads - Coupons


Display Ads

The best thing to do is to look over one of our print PDF's and see the ad types we offer. Determine which you feel works best for you in all or any months and any one or multiple editions. Then schedule a session to meet with us. We can discuss what best fits your marketing strategy, what is available and how you would like to present your self or your business.



While display ads are designed to be seen many, many times and to be readily accessible when the resident CHOOSES  (think Realtor or Florist ) or NEEDS (think Plumber or HVAC) to act; so too are the coupons. However, the coupons represent an immediate incentive to act. The user sees a coupon over and over and can no longer resist trying that restaurant or other service AND they get to save money. At the same time the merchant gets an immediate response  that his or her marketing dollars are working. It could be they gain a new customer or it could be an appreciation gift for a regular customer who is able to visit more often. Everyone's happy.

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2022 Ad Types for The Fox Lake Area , Round Lake Area and McHenry.

Ads not pointed out are the Promotional Events listed on the two Saturdays at left. They can be on a specific day (if available) or for a little less on any day.

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