Below are our Digital Pricing Plans. Anyone can purchase a Digital Plan which includes the Website,

e-Newsletter and phone APP called: TODAY for Town Planner. 

** Current Print sponsors get Reduced pricing!


Product Pricing

Products are priced according to the value of the space. Thus larger ads will get more visibility and thus are priced higher. Also, 60-80% of households KEEP and USE the calendar ALL YEAR. The high traffic placement of the calendar in kitchens and by work stations make it visible multiple times a day to everyone in the household. Then there is another percentage that keep and use it as a coupon book or reference fit or the daily celebrations!

If you are interested in multiple editions, a variety of ad types  volume discounts, seasonal advertising etc. contact us directly and we will work with you on the package or bundle that best meets your needs.

NOTE: Once you buy any print product your save $400 on the yearly Digital Program. 


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