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Why Town Planner PLUS? Simple. If you visit you will see our array of digital products and even PDF’s of our printed calendar editions. But the PLUS stands for more. You get more on our page. What more you ask?

You get everything Town Planner offers PLUS:

  • Testimonials - both written and videos

  • You learn WHAT Town Planner is and does and HOW TO use it correctly and completely

  • You will discover how to make money with Town Planner

  • Learn Tips and Tricks or just how to get started

  • Keep up with how you can promote and support your local charities on Town Planner

  • Get answers to your questions

  • Enter Photo Contests and learn how to get your photos published

  • Read entertaining and informative Blogs

  • Hear Stories from residents and sponsors

  • See Samples….

  • PLUS - there will be even more so continue to check back with us often.

If you have not yet done so sign up for our weekly e-newsletter and stay up to date with what is happening in person in your area and what opportunities you have virtually - which can be locally or international!

Here is the link to sign up:

Bill Hughes


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