Print & Digital

Working With You to Keep You On Display Every Day!

Town Planner offers a cohesive combination of products that will serve your needs; whether a consumer is at home or on the go.

Residents have the free PRINT calendar hanging in the busiest part of their home (kitchen) where most decisions are made. This has been even more poignant with people now working & schooling from home - as well as relaxing. Print is a visible, tangible media which digital cannot replicate.

For those that find themselves using the calendar in coordination with a mobile device our e-NEWSLETTER helps point out upcoming events such as days off school, virtual events, tips and celebrations. 

And for those on the go they can easily pick and choose the events they find in the community and add them to their mobile calendars with a single click using the TODAY for Town Planner APP.

Select the Print and or Digital sections to learn more about each of these services and how you can support your local community by advertising on either or both platforms.