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Local Community Events

We let the community know what events are happening in their area generally with our print edition and specifically with our digital calendar. 

If you are one of the nearly 50,000 households that get our printed edition scan the QR code on each month to go to our online list of special happenings. These range from Sledding hills in the winter, farmer's markets in the Spring Summer & Fall to community events like parades, fireworks and live music. And finally to Pumpkin Patches, eerie houses, Santa sightings and holiday decorations.

Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on if an event is happening or not so our online calendar gives you new or cancelled events.

To see what is happening in your area, scan your code or click on the picture for that community on the button below.

(Note: the first time you go into an area you will need to enter your primary zip code. Then on each return visit it will start with your local community. Also know that if the area you enter seems to have very few events it is likely not with in our purview  and we cannot attach events there - however, you can add events by logging in in the upper righthand corner of

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Special Monthly Area Events

Town Planner adds many events while our sponsors add others. Would you like to add your events? You can do so by logging in to (upper right) and adding your events.

We also offer community event listings on a monthly and seasonal basis. Traffic for these comes from a QR code in the print calendar or a link from our website or social media pages. For example, Sledding & winter sports are in Jamuary-February, St Patrick's Day happenings in March and Easter Services and HOP-penings etc. in April and so on...

To have your events included in a Lake & McHenry, Chicago area list post it on our site and them email us and let us know you would like it included in the QR Scan. from the calendar.

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Add Your Own Events

It is easy to include your events into the Town Planner Calendar.

1) Log in to (If no account you ned to create one the first time - Its FREE.)

2) Select the Add Event Icon and fill out each section

3) Select an area for event to be posted in. Please do not pick an area folks will generally come from and not the largest possible area hoping people may attend - they likely won't

4) Although you event will post we do reserve the right to edit or delete posts. Inappropriate posts that are not in line with our standards will be dropped. We will also drop blatant ads. We don't mind if you will make money off of an event but this is not a way to avoid paying for an Ad to promote a sale etc. Ads should benefit the community.

If your ad fits that criteria post away. 

NOTE: you must have a Town Planner account to add an event.

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