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Bringing the Community to Life on People's Computers & Phones

If you have ever been to Town Planner you know we are all about LOCAL and we are all about EVENTS.

The Town Planner website always lands on today's date as a point of reference.

On this page you will see our FEATURED EVENTS listed across the top. Click on one to go to that event. You will also see our advertisers along the side bar should you need their services (They are the ones that support the calendar and website) Navigate all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see money saving coupons from Groceries, to Restaurants to Services.

As you scroll dow the page you will see what is happening for the rest of the month. If your event is farther into the year change the date. Looking for happenings in other communities Click to view other nearby areas. Not sure when an event is occurring then Search by the event title or word.

Once you land on an event, click to open it and it shows you MUCH more information:

  • A Photo

  • The Date shown again but also displays if there are other dates for this event.

  • Time

  • Location - mapped out on Google Maps

  • Website Link

  • Video Link

  • Description

  • and once again Advertiser links



Bringing the Community
to People Weekly

While we try to put many events on the print calendar there are so many events that get changed or are added once it is printed. Our solution to that is to give you a weekly update for the net ten days. You get emailed these events to remind you what is on the calendar and to add what is not. A very Handy tool. Click the button and sign up now! You only need your zip code and an email address.



Bringing the Community to Life on People's Phones

Our print calendar has staying and display power while residents are home but what about when they leave? It is vital that household members (be they one or many) are able to synch their family and local calendars.

We know you don't want every local event on your phone but nor do you want to take the time and effort to put them all in manually. Ta da! TODAY for Town Planner does it for you. With a single click you can add a community event, use your voice to add an event and then synch it with your Google or iPhone calendar to have one seamless calendar.

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